MBA in Lean Six Sigma

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Six Sigma is one of the most widely used quality management approaches in the business world, utilized to gain production and operational efficiencies, as well as customer service improvements, across multiple industries. Business, engineering, and technical professionals can prepare for Six Sigma certification and earn a respected MBA in as few as 12 months.

MBA in Six Sigma courses are taught trainer with extensive experience in Six Sigma applications or via E-Learning Mode. Through business case-study analysis and computer technology, students will learn quality management approaches, how to use statistical tools, and effective quality improvement techniques. As part of the MBA in Six Sigma Quality studies, students gain a thorough understanding of define, measure, analyze, improve, control (DMAIC).the statistical and analytical method used to reduce defects by finding the root causes of defects, eliminating them, and sustaining that improvement level.

Six Sigma is a set of practices to systematically improve processes by eliminating defects. A defect is defined as failure of a product, process or service in meeting requirements of internal or external customers.

What is Six Sigma

The Six Sigma ensures the quality control, total quality management and zero defects. Through the implementation of the Six Sigma it is made sure that the goals are set on the improvement of all processes to reach the level of better quality. .The Six Sigma. shows the organization.s ability of highly capable processing in producing the outputs within the limited specifications. Therefore it can be said that the processes that operates with the Six Sigma quality, is able to produce a quality products at a low rate of defects.

Six Sigma approach is being widely used all over the world for reduction in process variation and waste elimination. A large number of organizations are using Six Sigma approach in the following areas:-

1) Reduce rejection, scrap and rework

2) Reduce customer complaints

3) Reduce field failures

4) Optimize processes to improve productivity and reduce manufacturing costs in terms of energy consumption

5) Set appropriate tolerances on dimensions process and parameters.

Price and Exam

Price: 4500 Euro

Exams are online and proctored based, using a webcam and a reliable internet connection exams can be taken anywhere and anytime.

MBA Degree Requirement

Applicants must have a recognized Bachelor degree in any discipline from an accredited college or university; Postgraduate Diploma or a recognized Graduate Certificate; or a recognized Diploma and 2 years work experience.

Delivery Mode

E-Learning – Self Paced


Credit Requirements

Candidates must complete all the required courses i.e. CLSSYB, CLSSGB and CLSSBB. Each course is valued 25, 50 and 60 Learning Hours respectively.

Module 1 – INTRODUCTION (Total Learning Hours: 3)

Module 2 – DEFINE (Total Learning Hours: 3)

Module 3 – MEASURE (Total Learning Hours: 3)

Module 4 – BASIC STATISTICS (Total Learning Hours: 3)

Module 5 – ANALYZE (Total Learning Hours: 3)

Module 6 – IMPROVE (Total Learning Hours: 3)

Module 7 – CONTROL (Total Learning Hours: 3)

Module 8 – Lean Process Improvement (Total Learning Hours: 4)

Module 9 – Overview: Six sigma and Organizational Goals (Total Learning Hours: 3)

Module 10 – Lean Principles in the organization (Total Learning Hours: 3)

Module 11 – Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) in the organization (Total Learning Hours: 3)

Module 12 – Introduction to the Define Phase (Total Learning Hours: 3)

Module 13 – Project Management Basics (Total Learning Hours: 3)

Module 14 – Other Tools and Techniques (Total Learning Hours: 3)

Module 15 – Process Analysis and Documentation (Total Learning Hours: 3)

Module 16 – Collecting and Summarizing Data (Total Learning Hours: 3)

Module 17 – Multi-vari Studies (Total Learning Hours: 3)

Module 18 – Simple linear correlation and regression (Total Learning Hours: 3)

Module 19 – Introduction to Improve and Control Phase (Total Learning Hours: 3)

Module 20 – Design of Experiments (Total Learning Hours: 3)

Module 21 – Statistical Process Control (SPC) (Total Learning Hours: 3)

Module 22 – Implement and Validate Solution (Total Learning Hours: 3)

Module 23 – Control Plan (Total Learning Hours: 3)

Module 24 – Lean Process Improvement (Total Learning Hours: 5)

Module 25 – Section I . Organizational Roadblocks and Lean Management (Total Learning Hours: 10)

Module 26 Section II . Pre-define DMAIC and Define (Total Learning Hours: 8)

Module 27 Section III . Measure (Total Learning Hours: 9)

Module 28 Section IV . Analyze (Total Learning Hours: 9)

Module 29 Section V . Improve (Total Learning Hours: 9)

Module 30 Section VI . Control (Total Learning Hours: 10)

Module 31 – Lean Process Improvement (Total Learning Hours: 5)

Total Learning Hours: 135

Total Credits: 52

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